A Tangle of Applications

These days, there are applications for everything. Collaboration software, internal wikis, ticketing software, learning management systems, content delivery systems, chat software, sales tracking, blogging, email, video conferencing and more. There are even applications that keep track of your other applications.

If you have the money, you can pay for licenses and support for each of these applications, which typically ensures that they will "plug in" to each other smoothly. If you're trying to save a dime and you opt for the free, open-source versions, then the integrations (if they exist) won't be as mature, and there isn't any support if you run into problems. Often all you get is a long wiki page describing three or four hundred API endpoints.

Custom Integrations

We offer bespoke software to handle application integration for small businesses. You have two applications (or more) that need to exchange and process information in a very specific and automated way, and there simply isn't anything pre-built out there for you to use. We fill in the missing link so your operations can continue running smoothly.


Your data and privacy are important to us. We will only request the minimum necessary access for your integration to be properly constructed. Everything is built with an eye on security.


We will work with you to understand the problem as thoroughly as possible, and then start brainstorming solutions. You'll be kept in the loop throughout the design and execution process, and we'll continue tweaking and modifying features as you need them.

We will agree on a reasonable timeframe of support and maintenance, with the option to renegotiate for extensions at the end of the contract.


This website is serverless and was created with AWS. The endpoints are handled by API Gateway, which sends requests to Lambda (permissions are hanlded by IAM roles). Resources (like images) are stored in S3, and Cloudfront acts as a CDN in front of S3. AWS also provides the Amazon Certificate Manager (for creating the website's certificate) and DNS routing with Route 53. The deployment of the website was handled with Hatano. Responses from the contact form are stored in S3 in jsonl format and can be queried easily with Athena.












If you are interested in discussing a custom integration for your small business, fill out the contact form below. We will respond back to the email address you provide.